How many Testers can test a Measure / Hoeveel testers kunnen een maatregel testen?

  • 19 April 2022
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At the moment more than one Tester can be indicated to test the effectiveness of a Control/Measure. The action will be closed/completed when one Tester completes the test.

Is is possible to give users two options?

  • only one tester tests the Control/Measure and then the task is completed 
  • all Tester included under actors need to complete the Control/Measure test before the action will be closed

In the latter case there will be many control tests with various outcomes. One will be able to determine where the Control is effective and where not. Think specifically about data security tests.


Antwoord op het topic Job Kramer 19 April 2022, 16:51

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This is already possible, only not in combination with filling out a question list.


Thanks Job but all have to fill the Question list to assess the effectiveness of a Control



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